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Global Expansions: The Ordinary
Role: Creative director
Key responsibilities: Ideation, on-set art direction, content strategy, commercial retail + visual merchandising, pop-up design, casting of talent,
post production and project management

Distribution: Nykaa Luxe,, Sephora Middle East, Superbalist South Africa, Arc South Africa, Cosme Japan

Nykaa Promotional launch video

Nykaa Pop-up and event space design

Nykaa pop-up6.jpg

Nykaa Pop-up and event photography

2023-04-18-Visual-ORD-Lifestyle-Visual-Product-HA-2pct-B5 caff-JC RL-01.jpg

Global evergreen custom photography

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 2.54.49 PM.png

Sephora Middle East window design 

Sephora Middle East educational social media carousel 

Sephora Middle East email design and custom photography

2023 - 10 - The Ordinary (Lafayette Champs Elysées)-5139.jpg

Galeries Lafayette Champs De Elysee Paris, France Pop-up Design

Galeries Lafayette Champs De Elysee Paris, France, Custom video - Le Soin de Qualité pour Tous

Galeries Lafayette Champs De Elysee Paris, France, Social media post

Global evergreen new market teaser video

16-9 Option 2.jpg

Global evergreen new market teaser digital banner

2023-ORD-Evergreen-VM-Global-Texture-Sql-Clnsr Nia-Zinc NMF-HA-01-JC RL.jpg

Global evergreen new market photography


Global evergreen new visual merchandising assets

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